Brad Paisley has sold millions of records and played to millions of fans, but he's still just Brad Paisley.  He talks about fame, his family and the early years of his career on ABC's 'Nightline.'   

Brad on Fame
Brad Paisley is just your average guy and doesn't understand why anyone would want to be famous.  He says the only time fame is a benefit is 'when you need to make a dinner reservation.'  Loyalty and laughter are the most important things in his life, not fame and fortune.

Brad's Addiction
'Diary of a Player' is a book Brad Paisley wrote about his life, but you won't find any dirt.  He doesn't use alcohol or drugs.  His only addiction is his guitar.  A passion Brad picked up from his grandfather, who told him to use it as an emotional outlet. 

Love & Family
Brad also shares the story of falling in love with his wife Kimberly Williams.   He first saw her in the movie 'Father of the Bride' and decided to cast her in his video for 'I'm Gonna Miss Her,'  just so he could meet her.  They've now been married almost 9 years and have two sons.

Brad will join Carrie Underwood to host the CMA Awards for the 4th year in a row.  He says, this year Hank Williams Jr. may get a jab or two on the show.  Tune in to ABC November 9th to watch.

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