Darius Rucker is joining the Grand Ole Opry. He received his official invite during Tuesday night's show.  After a few songs, Darius was asked to take part in a new q-and-a segment of the show.  Brad Paisley was in the crowd and posed two questions.  Brad asked if Darius was still 'the worst poker player in the world' - Rucker said he was and loses money ever time he plays.  Brad stunned Darius with his follow up question 'Would you like to be the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry.'

Darius was at a loss for words and was wiping tears from his eyes as the news sunk in.  His first response to Brad's question was 'are you kidding me, tonight?'  His Opry induction is set for October 16th.  The event will be carried live on GAC's 'Noteworthy at the Opry,' airing at 9pm.

Darius is only the third black country singer to be inducted into the Grand Ole Opry, behind Deford Baily and Charley Pride.  You go Darius!  Welcome home.