BRAD PAISLEY's new album 'Wheelhouse' is in stores today and one of the songs is already getting people fired up. It's called 'Accidental Racist' with rapper LL COOL J.

The song takes a look at both sides of race relations in America. It starts with a white guy being harassed for wearing a Lynyrd Skynyrd T-shirt with a Confederate flag. Then LL Cool J rap talks about how people shouldn't judge him just because he's wearing saggy pants. The chorus says 'caught between Southern pride and Southern blame.'

The website believes the song is filled with, 'Awkward non-apologies over the history of racism in the south.' re-posted that review, which brought out tons of opinions in their comments section.  Check out the song lyrics here.

I believe this is exactly what Brad was hoping for. Love the song or hate it, but definitely have an opinion, right? Are you cool with Brad Paisley trying to stir up racial politics in a song or do you prefer your country music free of controversy?

The album and song are both available on iTunes today.