As you probably know by now Blake Shelton has an opinion on EVERYTHING. The latest topic to catch Blake's interest is the apparent "baby boom" going on amidst the country music community. James Otto, Dierks Bentley, Josh Turner, Jay Demarcus and Luke Bryan have all welcomed new additions to their families recently and Blake thinks he knows why.

"There's been several ice storms in Nashville lately. And the cable goes out and there's nothing else to do," he insists. "I mean, you're sitting there with your wife or husband. You know if there's nothing else to do, you're probably gonna end up hookin' up ... Next thing you know, [Rascal Flatts'] Jay DeMarcus actually has a kid."

via Blake Shelton Theorizes on Country Baby Boom - The Boot.

Blake has a special explanation for Luke Bryan's recent fatherhood.

"He married over his head," Blake joked in a recent radio interview . "He probably figures he's got a hot wife, and she's funny and cool. The only way he can really keep her is to try to get her pregnant. That's what's going on with Luke."

All I can say is , "Look out Miranda!"