PRESIDENT OBAMA may have been in the spotlight during his inauguration festivities but it was former President BILL CLINTON who stole the show. He was caught eying KELLY CLARKSON during his performance of 'My Country 'Tis of Thee.'  The shot was posted on Twitter showing Clinton, well being Clinton.


Clinton was the only one to be caught photoboming.  MALIA OBAMA inadvertently photobombed a shot of her parents kissing. The moment was caught by CNN during their live broadcast.  The picture of Sasha trying to capture a moment with her parents before Malia jumped in, was also featured in US Weekly.


Other fun stuff that happened a President Obama's inauguration:

-PRESIDENT OBAMA managed to mess up the Presidential Oath at the Inauguration again. (Watch the video at

-SASHA OBAMA was caught yawning during her dad's Inaugural speech. (See the picture at

-Did MICHELLE OBAMA just give JOHN BOEHNER the brush-off? (Check out this video.)

-IAN SOMERHALDER from "The Vampire Diaries" had seats for the inauguration, but  lost his tickets. (Perez Hilton has the full story)

-Here's video of BEYONCE singing the National Anthem, KELLY CLARKSON singing 'My Country 'Tis of Thee,' and JAMES TAYLOR sang 'America the Beautiful.'

-Check out this awesome map that identifies all the important people in the crowd behind Obama. (Get the map at the New York Times)

-At the inaugural ball, BARACK and MICHELLE OBAMA danced to JENNIFER HUDSON singing AL GREEN'S 'Let's Stay Together.' (Here's video.)

-ALICIA KEYS sang 'Obama's on Fire.' (Video)

Source: Gawker, US Weekly, New York Times, Perez Hilton