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Bill Clinton Photobombs Kelly Clarkson at Inauguration
PRESIDENT OBAMA may have been in the spotlight during his inauguration festivities but it was former President BILL CLINTON who stole the show. He was caught eying KELLY CLARKSON during his performance of 'My Country 'Tis of Thee.'  The shot was posted on Twitter showing Clinton,…
Happy Birthday Mr. President
President Barack Obama turns 50 we at Big Frog 104 say "Happy Birthday, Mr. President". Often, presidents age rapidly in office, but so far from what I see, President Obama looks just about the same (with a few more gray hairs...after this debt ceiling go-round, I can se…
President Obama Calms A Crying Baby [VIDEO]
No matter your political affiliation, this is a pretty cool and cute video. This crying baby must be a fan of the President because after Mrs. Obama hands the baby to the President, the baby stops crying. And, after the baby stops crying, the President's face is priceless. Enjoy.