Another live episode, another houseguest down. Last night we got to take a look into the life of Joe, which my respect has gone up a little. Apparently he isn’t that loud in real life. Let’s dive into it, the biggest Big Brother content on the web.

Week 5 Live Eviction

Here’s how our houseguests voted: Ashley voted Joe, Boogie voted Wil, Danielle voted Wil, Jenn voted Joe, Dan voted Wil, Britney voted Wil, Shane voted Wil, and finally Ian voted Wil. So by a vote of 6-2, Wil has been evicted from the Big Brother House.


HoH Winner

We got another Endurance HoH Competition last night. The competition was named “Swamped”. Houseguest had to race from end to end of a track and be the first to fill up their water bowl. Along the way there was “temptations” for $10K or Safety (from eviction) instead of competing for the HoH title.

Now the show ended before we got to see who won. Are you curious? Or would you like to wait till Sunday?