If he had to do it all over again, Andy Rooney wouldn't change a thing.  If only we could all live our lives like that.  Rooney delivered his '60 Minutes' farewell on CBS last night, but said it wouldn't be the last we hear from him.  Rooney is a writer and says writers 'never retire.'

Rooney began his run on '60 Minutes' in 1978 and last night was his 1097th show.  Watch his last thoughts.

Rooney will also have the opportunity to return to '60 Minutes' and speak his mind whenever the urge hits him.  At 92 years old, I think Rooney has said almost everything there is to say.  And he always seemed to do it so eloquently.  His segments at the end of '60 Minutes' will be missed as will his outlook on life.  Farewell Andy Rooney