Does the 'City by the Bay' have Talent? ‘America’s Got Talent,’ stopped in San Francisco for open auditions during the second night of the season premiere.

The festivities began with the Sacramento dance group CMYB, headed by David Garblandi. They’re a painting dance group, combining their love of dance with their incredible painting skills.

Bring on the balancing act! 17 year old Cristin Sandu, balances on several metal circles and moves on to Vegas.

Dave, a comedian impressionist imitates the voices of a few celebrities including Nicolas Cage and Vince Vaughn. All of the judges tell him to get a little “edgier,” but still think he’s good enough to move forward.

Luiz Meneghin may look normal but he doesn't sound that way.  His operatic voice wowed everyone in the audience.

Paula Nelson is an eighty-year-old woman who’s known as Granny G, a grandmother who can rap.

Tim Hockenberry is an alcoholic who turned his life around and is now ready to sing. He performs “You Are So Beautiful” which almost moves Howie to tears.

The last performer deserved to not only be on this stage but deserves to make it all the way to the finals. Alonso Jones, aka Turf, is a hip hop contortionist dancer who was kicked out of his house for wanting to pursue his dreams. He was homeless for two years and danced for money on the street until he could afford his own apartment. The contortion may at times be uncomfortable to watch but, he’s got some moves.

Next week it's off to New York City, Howard Stern’s home turf, on ‘America’s Got Talent,’ airing next Monday and Tuesday at 8 PM on NBC.