The Amazing 'Coastal' Race to win tickets to see Kenny Chesney had teams doing several things, including feeding their partner banana splits blindfolded at Papa Rick's in Rome.  Needless to say this task was a messy one, especially for David and Ashley.  Check out the video.

Papa Rick's Snack Shack Banana Splits Feeding

One member of each team had to eat 3 hot wings from Tony's Pizza on Commercial Drive.

Tony's Pizza Hot Wing eating challenge

The Fitness Mill was by far the hardest stop along the race.  Teams had to push a towel around the track, one at a time.  It sounds a lot easier than it is.  Just check out most teams struggling to get around the track

The Fitness Mill towel challenge

Shawn & Matt Smith cross the finish line first at the Crazy Clam and scream once they win.  Shawn wasn't a fan of the Fitness Mill challenge and for Matt it was the banana split feeding at Papa Rick's that did him in.  Watch their reaction once they've realized they won!

Shawn & Matt Smith win the Amazing Coastal Race

Check out pictures Shawn and Matt took at the Kenny Chesney show in Canandaigua