The race to the register is now officially over.  The Boilermaker Road Race for 2014 is almost sold out - in record time - just over two hours.

"It is nothing short of amazing," says Boilermaker Executive Director Tim Reed.

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Last year the race sold out in under three days.  Because of that, race officials new that this year would be sold out quickly, perhaps in two days.  No one anticipated it would take just two hours.

Photo: Kristine Bellino, WIBX
It is nothing short of amazing, says Boilermaker Road Race Executive Director Tim Reed.

Reed says, "I was shocked.  I was monitoring the analytics.  There were three thousand people logged onto our site, cued up, before noon. Within three to four minutes after noon that number dropped dramatically."  Reed says this indicated that those would-be registrants had made it onto the registration page.

Numbers on exactly who has registered, and from what locations they are coming, will be processed by week's end.

When asked about how well the servers held up he said, "That is the one thing I was very concerned about, but the system was incredibly robust.  It worked the way it was supposed to."

Reed says that the major road races are experiencing quick sell-outs, but they did not anticipate this quick sell-out in Utica.  The notoriety that the race has received is proof that the Boilermaker is rapidly being considered one of the really important races internationally.

Charity bibs are still available.  And, Reed says that details of the transfer program - will be announced in the coming weeks.  Transfers are controlled for both safety and scoring issues.  The race numbers are carefully monitored.

The 37th running of the Boilermaker Road Race takes place July 13, 2014.

(Story by Bill Keeler and Kristine Bellino, WIBX)

In a written release on the Boilermaker's website race officials posted the following:

"The 2014 Boilermaker posted a new record months before the first runner hit the starting line. In two hours and nineteen minutes the 14,000 participants for the 15k race had registered. A short twenty minutes later, the 5k race, which allows 4,500 runners also sold out.  In 2013 the 15k sold out in 68 hours followed a few hours later by the 5k.

'We are both humbled and amazed by the speed in which the race sold out,' said Jim Stasaitis, Boilermaker Race Director.  'I think it speaks volumes about the quality of this race that this community has created.'  Runners who have found themselves shut out of the race can still secure a bib via the Boilermaker Charity Bib Program; details are posted at  In addition, the Boilermaker Transfer Program, which offers runners the opportunity to legally transfer their bib to a runner, will take place in May."