When it comes to what makes a romantic comedy great, everyone's got their own opinion. Although thankfully, I think we've all finally come to agree that Adam Sandler is NOT one of the key ingredients. But you can't argue with success. With that in mind, here are the 10 Top-Grossing Romantic Comedies of All Time . . .

#1.) "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", $241.4 million

#2.) "What Women Want", $182.8 million

#3.) "Hitch", $179.5 million

#4.) "Pretty Woman", $178.4 million

#5.) "There's Something About Mary", $176.5 million

#6.) "The Proposal", $164 million

#7.) "Sex and the City", $152.6 million

#8.) "Runaway Bride", $152.3 million

#9.) "Knocked Up", $148.8 million

#10.) "As Good As It Gets", $148.5 million

No 'When Harry Met Sally?'  Maybe less people were going to the movies when it came out.  I'd have to go with 'Pretty Woman' as my favorite.  Only because I made my mother rent it for me EVERY TIME we went to the movie store.  That was back when we actually went to the movie store.  What's your favorite romantic comedy?

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