The website Zoosk recently conducted a survey among 2,800 single beer drinkers to see what their beer choice says about their dating preferences and personality. Here's what we learned with the Oktoberfest love survey:

Marriage Material

According to the survey, domestic beer drinkers are the most likely to be looking for marriage. At least 20% of those surveyed were marriage material. What type of date should you go on? Maybe try dinner and movie as a first date.


Not Ready For Marriage?

31% of men who prefer microbrews say they're looking for a "fun" date but nothing long-term. Microbrew drinkers in the survey were the ones most likely to have had a one–night-stand (74%).


Need Staying Power?

Find an ultra-light beer drinker if you're looking for someone loyal. These calorie counters prefer romantic evenings, like to talk about their life goals, and have been in the highest percentage of long-term relationships.





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