You can now take a zip line from the world's largest six pack in Buffalo. The iconic Labatt Blue silos on Lake Erie are now home to a zip line course that isn't for the faint at heart.

The zip line course at Buffalo Riverworks has been years in the making. It was set to open in June of 2017 but several set backs delayed opening until now. "We've got 4 zips that you ride and an Indiana Jones style rope bridge that you get to go across," Matt Bennert, Buffalo RiverWorks guide tells WKBW.

You start by going up 115 feet of stairs inside the iconic Labatt Blue silo. Then you zig zag through the 4 zip lines and across the rope bridge before landing on the riverfront patio at 30 MPH. "All these silos, rather than tear them down, we're finding ways to reuse them," says Matt Prime, Director of Recreation.

You'll need to make an appointment if you want to try it out and Mother Nature needs to cooperate. Temperatures need to be above freezing and winds below 20 MPH to zip line. Call 716.342.2292 or email to reserve your ride that will cost you $40.

Learn more at or on their Facebook page.


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