It started out as an "Are You Smarter Than Polly" question and turned into a survey of Central New Yorker's thoughts about Valentine's Day cards.  It probably doesn't meet the criteria for an official Zogby Poll, but the answers are very interesting.

Today's contest was finish the sentence, "84% of Valentine's Day Cards are (Blank).  The correct answer is, "bought by women."  84% of Valentine's Day cards are purchased by women.  That blows my mind, especially after standing in line for 30 minutes behind 3 men trying to make up for a year of indiscretions with a card and box of chocolates yesterday.

I was also surprised by some of the other answers to the question. Here the Top 5:

1. Bought last minute
2. Bought at a drug store.
3. Too expensive
4. Too Mushy
5. Cheaply Made

We don't do cards at our house, because Polly says you only get a card if you're NOT getting a present.  Do you still do Valentine's Day cards?   Birthday cards?  Join the conversation below or on our Face Book Page.

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