When you first thing about beekeeping, you probably think honey.  While it's true, you get honey and many other byproducts, there's other ways to profit from having hives.  Cornell Cooperative Extension's Beginning Farmer's Project shows you how to get started.

According to the website, Beginning Beekeeping.com, there's income opportunities from renting your hives for pollinating fields and gardens, removing bee swarms from homes and selling Queen Bees.  That's in addition to the honey and all the by products you'll produce.

Cornell is holding an online course, Introduction to Beekeeping March 2 - April 30. Webinars are each Thursday night from 6:30-8:00, although you can watch them anytime. Topics covered include:

  • Getting to Know Bees
  • Setting Up Your Apiary
  • Basic Equipment for Your First Year
  • Basic Hive Inspection, Part 1
  • Basic Hive Inspection, Part 2 (What to do when things go wrong)
  • Introduction to Pests & Diseases
  • I have honey, now what
  • Preparing Your Colony for the winter

About the Instructors:

Laura Biasillo is the Agricultural Economic Development Specialist for Cornell Cooperative Extension of Broome County.

Sue Garing is a Master Beekeeper, member of the Board of Directors (and past president) for the Southern Tier Beekeepers, as well as on the Board of the Empire State Honey Producers, as well as owner of Sue Garing Honey & Garlic.

The full 8 week course is $280, with a $25 discount if you sign up a month in advance.   Get more details and register online.

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