Well it took the override of County Executive Anthony Picente's veto, but a law finally passed allowing you to shoot off fireworks in Oneida County. It is also legal to sell them in the county, but both of these new laws come with some restrictions.

Tami Seaman and her family own Majestic Fireworks in Clinton, NY. They have a license to sell the approved type of fireworks. Tami says that the only type that people are allowed to purchase and light in Oneida County are the sparklers and "ground fountains." In other words, nothing that is a projectile. Tami says, "the Oneida County legislators did a great job making sure this law was passed, so that the local people would see the benefits of the added tax dollars." She also benefits as a local business. She can offer a lot more selection, and better prices than her "pop-up tent" competitors from out of state.

The stipulation on the sale of certain fireworks include the need to have a special license to sell or distribute them. There is also a very limited time slot in which vendors like Tami can sell. You can purchase the illuminations from June 1st - July 5th, and Dec. 26th - January 2nd. No doubt these dates coincide with the two biggest firework holidays of the year. The good news for the consumer, is the ability to set the fireworks off all-year long. Just remember to do it safely. Tami believes there is more to come, but for the time being she hopes you enjoy all they currently have to offer.

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