Yanny or Laurel. It's the new 'what color is the dress' viral trend and it's dividing everyone who listens. Some hear Yanny, like Tadpole. Others say it's definitely Laurel, like Polly. What do you hear?

The debate began on Twitter and it's now the top trending tweet with almost 20 million views just in 3 days.

Why are we hearing different things? Some say it's because of the pitch of the sound waves. Others think you hear one thing when it's played in stereo and another in mono. If you listen with headphones, it also may sound different.

It's the weirdest things I've heard. It could beat the dress debate, which was BLUE by the way. I've listened to the SAME audio several times on the SAME computer, and I've heard BOTH!

But the REAL answer.....The audio originally from Vocabulary.com, is a pronunciation of the word LAUREL. Why some hear YANNY is a whole new can of worms.

Thanks Jessica for sharing on my Facebook page, sparking the insanity.



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