As we get set for the 2016 baseball season, the internet is exploding with crazy and bizarre foods at parks across America. Here's some of the foods available in New York at Yankee Stadium.

Tape Measure Cheesesteak

This is a two-foot sandwich served with a choice of white American cheese or Cheez Whiz on a sub roll with the option of peppers and/or onions. This item is available at Carl’s Steaks at Section 107 of Yankee Stadium, and will cost you around $27.


The G.O.A.T (Greatest of All Time) Burger

This delicious burger is located at the “Triple Play” stand in Section 115. This burger isn't a goat by any means, just a clever nickname. It's loaded with a custom blended-beef, topped with bacon, pastrami, American cheese and “G.O.A.T.” sauce.


The Barnyard Wedding

This sandwich will be located at the “Triple Play” stand in Section 115. It uses a similar recipe like the G.O.A.T., with the same custom blended-beef but with a fried chicken cutlet, hash browns, BBQ sauce and cheddar cheese.


You can check out new foods coming to New York for the 2016 season by Clicking Here.



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