Boy the new year is off to an all too familiar start.  If you're over the age of 16, you may recall the threat of Y2K when the year rolled from 1999 to 2000.  The fear of the world shutting down because computers weren't prepared for a date past 1999.  Turns out it was true, just 17 years later.

I put in a pretty relaxed celebration for the end of 2016, thinking I'd get a head start on everyone else for the new year.  No battling a hang over here, I'll get a days work in while everyone else recoups.

I can log in to my office computer from home, so sitting high in the chair all proud of myself I enter the magical password.  Nothing.  All right this is a simple windows update problem, a short drive into the station and I'll be all set.  Nope.  My office computer is dead.

The weird part in all this? I ended last week the same way, with a computer melt down. Followed shortly thereafter a Tad Pole meltdown. So how's your New Year going? Off to a good start I hope.

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