Police Departments all over the country have had a lot of help in recent years from social media. Many people who are not the most intelligent have admitted to crimes on Facebook, Twitter, and other outlets. This story is by far one of the craziest examples. This 23-year-old was clearly intoxicated while driving her vehicle, even admitting to it, while on the social media app Periscope.

People called 911, but cops were not able to trace her location because the video was repeatedly turned on and off. Lakeland police do not have access to Periscope, so one officer downloaded it and created his own account, enabling cops to locate Beall based on landmarks they spotted in her stream.

You can see the full Periscope broadcast by clicking here.

Our society has become so enamored with social media that they are using it for everything, including committing crimes. We saw a more severe case of this with the man who killed the WBDJ news crew in Virginia. He admitted to killing the camera man and reporter and even posted a graphic video on his Facebook page. Social media definitely has it's benefits, but some people use it for the wrong reasons. It's best to always post, tweet, and share responsibly.

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