Those are not coyotes you may have seen. Wolves have entered into New York State from Canada by crossing over the frozen St. Lawerence River. Last month was at least the tenth wolf that was killed by a hunter or farmer. According to the Maine Wolf Coalition, at least 10 other wolves have been killed south of the St. Lawrence River, once thought to be too great a barrier for wolves to cross.

I live in Lancaster and can hear some howling at night. They're around here in Western New York even if you do not see them.

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Advocates charge that officials won’t acknowledge that wolves have returned because they are a federally protected species", according to the New York Post.

Wolves were eliminated from New York State an extremely long time ago, but now they are making a comeback to our state. There is so much habitat in New York State for wolves to live. Experts think that there are a ton of wolves already here in Western New York.

Wolves can travel about 30 miles a day pretty easily.

There has to be other wolves here,” said John Glowa, president of the Maine Wolf Coalition. “We have no doubt that eastern wolves are coming down and crossing the St. Lawrence. And they’re being killed. And they’re being called coyotes.”

Does This Coyote in My Backyard Have Mange?

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Look At The Hidden Owl in The Tree in Lancaster

Look At The Hidden Owl in The Tree in Lancaster 

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