Ladies are drawn to bad boys but this is ridiculous. The mug shot of 30 year old Jeremy Meeks, a convicted felon who was recently arrested for felony weapon charges, has gone viral. The photo on the Stockton Police Department's Facebook page has close to a million likes and over 12,000 shares. Ladies are swooning over the blue eyed bad boy, with some even offering to pay his million dollar bail. Say what?!

Meeks mug shot has even gotten meme makeovers, several times over and Meeks may get a modeling job when he's out of prison.

Meeks is married and has one child. Family members say he's changed his bad boy ways and has been on the straight and narrow for years now.

Ladies, you do know what that tear tattoo under his eye means don't you? It usually signifies a murder! This guy may have killed someone. Plus the Stockton police say he's a member of a gang and is 'one of the most violent criminals in the Stockton area,' with an extensive rap sheet, according to The Daily Mail. Yet, Meeks is now famous. REALLY?!

Whether Meeks is a changed man or not, he's still a convicted FELON! Should we really be putting this guy in the spotlight, despite his blue eyes and chiseled face. There are so many more people worthy to be in the spotlight who haven't spent time in prison, like the marine who lost his leg and is now an underwear model, or the mother of a fallen soldier who's started 'Matthews Bears.'

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