Why did the frog cross the road? That may sound like a take on the "chicken crossing the road" joke, but it's more similar to deer crossing jokes. If you're driving before or after the sun is up, you'll notice lots of frogs and even salamanders on the road.

The New York's Department of Environmental Conservation says it's time for their annual migration, especially during rainy weather. Once the temps are above 40 at night the ground starts thawing, wood frogs, spotted salamander and other amphibians leave their underground winter homes and begin heading for bodies of water for breeding.

The migration usually starts in late March and early April, and with our cooler than normal temperatures, it's just now starting in Central New York. The DEC calls them, "big night" migrations when hundreds of amphibians make their appearance. It gets so bad in the Hudson Valley, volunteers with the Amphibian Migrations and Road Crossings Project assist with the movement and document the number and types of amphibians on the road.

One place you'll see a lot of migration is between the Barge Canal and Mohawk River near Marcy. Hopefully, this is a sign Spring is finally on the way,


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