We've all lost things a time or two. Money, car keys, our minds on occasion. I lost my driver's license and credit cards and didn't realize until I was in the grocery store check out. But where did it go?

After racking my brain, which is harder the older you get, and searching every pocket, I realized it must have fallen out of my back pocket at the Garth Brooks concert in Albany.

First it was replacing the license, which was easily done on the DMV website. Just before I cancelled the bank and credit cards, my daughter calls to let me know she had them. Where did she find it?

A stranger knocked on our door, since my address is on the license, and told my daughter she found it at the concert and wanted to return it.


When I asked for her name, my daughter replied 'I don't know. Some lady with blond hair.'

To the lady with blond hair that returned a lost license - THANK YOU! That's one of the nicest things someone has done. I hope to find you so I can thank you in person.

There are still good people in the world!


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