On a recent visit to Syracuse, we got one of those parking tickets that infuriates me the most. One of those "how am I supposed to know" violations. So I was in no mood when I went to the mailbox and found a Florida toll booth violation. Obviously, this has to be a scam, we haven't been to Florida in more than a year.

The 1st ticket is the alternate parking violation, one side on even days, the other side on odd days. How in the world am I supposed to know that ordinance? There aren't any signs, and I'm not the only car parked on that side. Reading the marked violation on the ticket doesn't make it any clearer. All I know for sure is, we're out $25.


Ticket #2 was the most mind-boggling. It specified a car licensed to Polly went through 2 toll roads in Florida including the Everglades Parkway. We didn't make our annual visit to the sun this year and we never go that far south. Just when I was convinced this was a scam, our daughter points out the plates belong to an old car we gave our son who just happens to live in Florida. Turns out, when he was moving, the toll booth cameras took pictures of the car he was towing. At least this one, I don't owe.


Did you ever get one of those "stupid" tickets? And why do you they just seem to ruin your day? At least with a speeding ticket, you feel like there was a benefit or you were getting away with something.