What happened to Tadpole? It's the number one question we've heard in the last several days since I've been flying solo on the morning show.

Don't worry Tadpole isn't gone forever. "I'm on my family farm in Illinois clearing out brush that's grown for 40 years, cleaning the place up, taking care of some family business and treating poison ivy."

How long will it take? "My parents never threw away a receipt. I found my grandfather's report card from 1916, that's how much stuff to go through.

When will Tadpole return? "I don't know but it won't be soon enough. I miss being there."

I miss him at work and at home. This morning show is a LOT of work for 2 people, never mind one. Plus I've had to make the coffee every morning.

While we ALL wait for Tadpole's return, enjoy some Married With Microphones.


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