There are a lot of smiling faces in the Town of Westmoreland these days. The village of a little more than 6-thousand people is proudly displaying the Class of 2020 from Westmoreland Central High School throughout the town for all to see.  Senior Class Advisor, Nick Darrah shares how the project came together.


Like every graduating class of 2020 in New York, seniors are facing a final year without proms and graduation ceremonies. Nick says he was scrolling through Facebook when he saw a community outside of New York doing a similar project for the graduating class. Westmoreland's final plan came together with a meeting between Nick, Senior Adisor Darlene Kemp, Superintendent Rocco Migliori, and High School Principal Joshua Saxton.

Using mostly Senior Year Book photos 60 banners were created, 56 are graduating seniors, 3 are foreign exchange students, and 1 is a collage of the entire class. The group worked with Town of Westmoreland and school crews to hang banners throughout the town on power poles.

While it may not have the pomp and circumstance of a graduation ceremony, it certainly displays a lot of community pride in the the Westmoreland Class of 2020. Nick says they are still trying to plan some type of ceremony for the seniors, but it's an ever evolving plan as state guidelines continually change on social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Other CNY schools may use a similar plan to honor their seniors, we've seen a photo from Waterville High School and heard rumors Rome Free Academy and Holland Patent Central School may do so as well.

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