Imagine enjoying a few slices of pizza and looking over and seeing the head cook pee in a sink. Not a good feeling right? A West Virginia Pizza Hut is being shut down after an employee was caught urinating in a sink. Could he not pee in the bathroom or something?

As you watch this surveillance video you'll see the manager walk over to the sink in the kitchen and relieve himself. Good thing he's the manager right? Since the video hit the net, the restaurant has been temporarily closed.

Officials with the county’s health department say it could take up to a few weeks before the all clear is given for the place to re-open. The company issued a statement that calls the situation very embarrassing.

Pizza Hut Corp. released a statement saying it was “embarrassed” by the manager’s actions. The company says it has “zero tolerance” for violations of its operating standards. The employee was fired. His name was not released. Pizza Hut says the incident occurred after business hours."

I can only imagine how many times before he just walked over to the sink to take a leak. He looked way to comfortable in the video.


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