While they are mostly known for their gourmet sandwiches on a special kind of Italian bread, their pizza is also incredible. Time is running out to experience that menu item.

When you think O'Baby's, many people think of a wide variety of their menu items. Of course, the restaurant uses the phrase 'We Gotcha Foccacia!', which is one of the things you might think of, the bread. Some people know them for their sandwiches, which is right in the business name. But, for a good chunk of people, pizza is something they are fond of at the New Hartford establishment.

Pizza is the thing that is about to bid farewell from the O'Baby's menu, for good.

But why?

O'Baby's Gourmet Sandwich Shoppe via Facebook
O'Baby's Gourmet Sandwich Shoppe via Facebook

Sandwiches, that is why. When you think about it, sandwiches are in the name of the restaurant. According to their Facebook page, they are streamlining their menu and after 10 years dropping pizza along with wings from it all in an effort to put even more of a focus on their sandwiches that certainly shine.

Do You Feel Like Others?

Many people in the comments section of the announcement are saddened. One person chimed in saying that O'Baby's is the only safe gluten-free pizza they have had. For many who have allergies, finding a pizza that is truly gluten-free is quite the task. The business did respond to that worry though saying there are so many more gluten-free options that will still be available.

Have To Get A Bite One Last Time Of Their Pizza & Wings?

O'Baby's Gourmet Sandwich Shoppe via Facebook
O'Baby's Gourmet Sandwich Shoppe via Facebook

You do have time, the final day to enjoy both will be Saturday, January 29th. But let's not feel down, let's be excited for the new sandwiches we will be able to experience as additions will be coming to the menu too.

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