How would you like to do your grocery shopping without leaving the house? That would be great, right? says beginning in August - that will become reality for some Wegmans customers in a few Upstate New York cities, which include Syracuse, Rochester and Buffalo.

The delivery service will allow store customers - within the delivery area to do their shopping online and have their orders delivered to them in as little as an hour.

Wegmans has teamed up with a San Francisco based grocery delivery service called Instacart.

Here's the way the service works, customers go to the website or download the instacart app. They can then chose when they want their groceries delivered, whether it be within one hour, two hours or can schedule it as far as seven days in advance.

The delivery service starts on various dates in each city:

  • Buffalo: August 1st
  • Rochester: August 8th
  • Syracuse: August 15th

Instacart will waive the delivery fee for first time customers, but after that they charge $5.99 on orders over $35. Instacart Express membership is also available for an annual fee. It allows for unlimited free one-hour delivery on orders over $35. The annual fee varies by location. It ranges from $99 to $149.

Unfortunately, there are no Wegmans locations in the Utica/Rome area, but here is a directory of stores in and around Syracuse.

If you need more information about the products available for home delivery and for current and future delivery areas for Wegmans, go to their website,



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