Buffalo Bills' fans in Utica, Rome, and all across the Mohawk Valley will soon be eating this up.

There’s a new cereal in honor of red-hot NFL quarterback Josh Allen, the league's leading passer through two weeks of the 2020 season. Boxes of Josh’s Jaqs, celebrating the intitials in "Josh Allen Quarterback," are available now.

Similar to “Flutie Flakes” (for Doug Flutie) and “Kelly Krunch” (for Jim Kelly), honoring previous Bills' quarterbacks, “Josh’s Jaqs” feature the image of the current Bills signal caller throwing a football on a blue box with a spoonful of the Os in the team's colors of red and blue.

The QB has been proudly displaying the product on his Twitter page:

Produced by PLB Sports & Entertainment and sold at Wegmans stores, proceeds from “Josh’s Jaqs” will help support the Oishei Children’s Hospital in Buffalo, New York.

Troy Witt, Director of Marketing for PLB Sports & Entertainment (which also has other cereals like "Jumpin' JuJu's Crunch," for Pittsburgh Steelers' wide receiver JuJu Schuster-Smith), told NYUp.com that it’s the first time they’ve ever produced a cereal in a team’s specific colors.

They'll be available in select Wegmans stores, and If you can’t get to one in person to pick some up, you can also order boxes of Josh’s Jaqs directly from PLB Sports & Entertainment.

Why stop there? Maybe there will soon be "SingleBerry," in honor of running back Devin Singletary or a Stefon Diggs ceral named "DiggEms."

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