Looking for the best way to spend a day during quarantine? Build a fort.

Whether you have kids or you just want to act like kids for a day, this will keep everyone busy and entertained from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Evan and I spent our Sunday constructing our own little fortress in the living room. We built it around the couch, using pillows, blankets, sheets, chairs, and the dining room table. The snow shovel and vacuum even came in handy when we needed some high points.

Once your fort is up and stable, climb inside and enjoy your day. Bring a laptop to stream some shows, read your next page-turner, take a nap, and enjoy takeout from your favorite central New York spot. (We chose Soul Bowl!)

Kari Jakobsen
Kari Jakobsen
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The coronavirus quarantine is forcing everyone to be a little more creative when it comes with how we pass the time, and there's nothing that says you can't recreate your childhood by building a fort in your living room.

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