Filling mom's shoes isn't easy. One dad found out the hard way when he had to change a dirty diaper, gagging the entire time and leaving us in tears.

The man, believed to be Australian according to the Daily Mail, starts confident. "All right. Lets do this," he says.

His confidence quickly disappears as he opens the 'nappy' and his gag reflexes kick in.

"Dirty girl," the man, covered in tattoos, says while trying to control his upchuck reflex.

Between gags, the man keeps his cool, asking "we have the best fun?"

When he finally gets the mess cleaned up, he tells his baby "lets try and keep this one clean til mom gets home."

The video has been seen over 24 million times since being posted on Facebook. If you're not one of them, watch below and tell us what makes you gag; after you stop laughing.

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