Recently, Commander Chris Cassidy onboard the International Space Station provided the world with some much needed relief. He decided to create a music video for Travis Tritt's classic "It's a Great Day to Be Alive" while floating on-board the station.


The video of course follows the lyrics of the song pretty closely. You see rice cooking in space, a bowl of soup where the spoon floats in zero gravity, and absolutely stunning views of the Earth from space.

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NASA Counts Down to Twenty Years of Continuous Human Presence on International Space Station

On Oct. 31, 2000, veteran NASA astronaut William “Shep” Shepherd left Earth on a journey to the International Space Station with the distinction of becoming its first commander, beginning almost two decades of continuous human presence in low-Earth orbit.

At the time, the space station was a small orbiting complex of just three modules, not the sprawling research complex that today is as large as a five-bedroom home with a gym, two bathrooms and a 360-degree bay window looking at Earth below."

1) The primary pieces of the space station were delivered on 42 assembly flights: 37 on the U.S. space shuttles and five on Russian Proton/Soyuz rockets. Elements were constructed independent of one another around the globe and assembled for the first time in space.

2) The space station took 11 years to fully construct. It currently measures 357 feet end to end with a mass of nearly 1 million pounds.

3) It took a collaborative effort by 15 nations to construct the space station in orbit, and that collaboration continues today.

4) Scott Kelly holds the record for longest single spaceflight by a NASA astronaut at 342 days where he participated in the One-Year Mission with Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko.

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