The job of a police officer is to protect and serve, but sometimes it's not always a person they need to protect. Rome Police Officers Page, Buckley and Sypniewski helped save a deer trapped in an iron fence and all three joined Tad and Polly to tell the story.

The officers responded to a call of the deer stuck between iron fence posts at a home on North George Street July 2nd. "The new home owners were trying to get the deer to move away from their pool in the backyard and it got spooked, darted through the fence and got stuck."

The Rome Fire Department was called in to help after a police failed to separate the bars with a car jack.  "They kind of got a chuckle when they arrived to see what they were using the jaws of life for."

Officer Page pet the deer to keep her from panicking. "Human touch actually calmed the deer down. Each time a new person came in the deer would get spooked but as soon as we touched her she calmed back down," says Page. "Once the jaws of life arrived, we covered her eyes with a sweatshirt."

The deer ran off after the fence posts were spread enough for it to escape. "The animal was actually crying. It was teary eyed. But it only had a few scrapes. She took off running and I'm sure she's living a happy life."

A round of applause to Rome's finest.

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