Our 'Cute Kid' of the day should also be our bravest kid of the day.   The girl in this video is a paraplegic and proves anything is possible as she bungee jumps in her wheelchair.

Whistler in British Columbia seems to be a mecca for making seemingly impossible extreme sports achievements a reality. First, paralyzed skier Josh Dueck beat the odds on their slopes by landing a perfect back-flip on his sit-ski (the very trick that made him paralyzed in the first place). Now we have the girl in this video quenching her thirst for adrenaline by bungee jumping off the side of a bridge from her wheelchair.

This feat was largely made possible by an amazing company called  9Lives Adventures, who makes it possible for people with limited mobility to accomplish their extreme goals. We’re talking about wild stunts like race car driving, sky diving, skiing and whitewater rafting. You name it, and this dedicated team will make it happen. Of course, this definitely wouldn’t have been possible without a great deal of bravery from this amazing girl, who should inspire us all to never give up on our dreams.