Rome is in full swing of the Honor America Day Celebration. Was a spark, a romantic spark, flamed at the firework show at Fort Stanwix?

The firework celebration took place over the weekend at Fort Stanwix to kick off the Honor America Day Celebrations. This week is full of activities in the city of Rome.

Someone may have found love at the recent firework celebration. This person is a male, and posted on CraigsList Missed Connections:

Cute girl who commented on my sons light up sword after fireworks at fort 

I was walking with my daughter on my shoulders and holding my sons hand after the fireworks at the fort. I know its a long shot but i thought you were very cute and i swear you were interested. You had a black dress on and i was wearing a tan military shirt and pants with patches on. Id like to get to know you. Hopefully you see this and respond."

The posting seems fairly harmelss. Do you know this mystery woman?

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