The Adirondack Mountains are home to plenty different species of wildlife, but moose might be the most majestic. Here's where you can look for them.

First off, just a reminder that it is illegal to hunt moose in New York, so leave the guns home and bring the cameras.

You can see moose all over the Adirondack Mountains, but according to, these 5 places are your best bet to spot Bullwinkle and his friends.

1. Route 3 near Vermontville

Way up past Saranac Lake on the way to Plattsburg you'll find the perfect habitat for Adk moose.

2. Meacham Lake along Route 30

This beautiful lake is surrounded by moose habitat. You might be able to spot one from the road, but get out on the water for a better chance.

3. Saranac Lake(town)

Surrounded by lakes and smaller bodies of water, the Saranac Lake area is basically a moose paradise. Island camping along the Saranac Chain of Lakes might be your best bet for moose sightings.

Starting from Limekiln Lake Moose river Road turns into the Northville Lake Placid Trail in the 'Moose River Plains' you'll find a pretty secluded stretch of wilderness that is "prime moose real estate." A camping or paddling trip in this area could yield quite a few moose sightings.

One of the more remote Adirondack Lakes, Lake Lila does not allow motors, so you'll have peace and quiet while you search for moose.

Don't forget moose are most active around dawn and dusk and in the fall, and you should never approach one. If a moose charges you - he wants space - don't stand your ground, give him or her room.



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