Everyday we walk by natural beauty right in our own backyard and never take a moment to appreciate it.  Fortunately, Zach Lewis has used his camera to capture those scenes so we can appreciate them anytime.  Check out a preview of "Walking Around Clinton," a photo gallery coming to Kirkland Town Library in February.

If you are a late night listener to  Big Frog, you may remember him as "Zach Effrog" from a few years ago.  In our exclusive interview, Zach says "he never picked up a camera until about 5 years ago, but always studied art from grade school through high school."  The combination of the two turned into some stunning shots of not only Clinton, but many other places, people and things from around CNY.

Zach's exhibit runs through the month of February at the library.  He will also host a reception on Friday, February 4 from 4 to 6.  He was kind enough to share some examples from the gallery in the video below.  You can hear more of our interview with Zach Sunday morning, January 31 at 6.  You can see more of his work at Zach Lewis online.com and on his Face Book page.Zach Lewis Photography on Face Book

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