Talk about a traveler's paradise. This treehouse in Remsen is about as unique and beautiful as it gets, with its own private waterfall and suspension bridge on the property.

Chris Broomfield is the man behind the vision. He recruited the help of the local Amish community to build this masterpiece in just 14 weeks, and to date, people from all over the world have traveled to Remsen just to stay here. Take a step inside this spectacular piece of craftsmanship and see why it's booking up so quickly.

Luxury Cabin in Remsen

Chris' two-story treehouse is listed on Airbnb at a starting rate of $240 per night. However, it's extremely popular, so you'll want to starting planning your trip and book your stay well in advance.

Hospitality and travel marketing specialist Mike Iannetta visited the treehouse this summer and put together a video tour that shows off the property in an unfettered way pictures just can't.

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Chris is also the mastermind behind this stunning (and very popular) A-frame cabin in Remsen. Check out photos of his other Airbnb listing below.

The A-Frame at Evergreen Cabins

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