The first weekend of November will be a busy one for Amil and the rest of the team working at 700 Varick Street in Utica. It's opening weekend of Parliament Nightclub, the newest to be among the lineup of Utica night life.

Parliament Nightclub is located in the same building where Shots used to be years ago. Structurally it's the same, but is revamped inside with new and improved features.

They say it's supposed to replicate the nightclub life in major cities: Miami, Los Angeles, New York City - while staying close to home. Parliament Nightclub was a vision that has now come to life after experiencing how different night life is in other locations.

"We'll all been to other clubs in other places, in other cities, and it's a different vibe. The different vibe is based on the diversity. When it comes to drinks, it's diverse, when it comes to music it's diverse, when it comes to people, it's diverse. " said Amil. "We wanted that here in Utica."

And that's exactly what will be opening beginning November 4, a nightclub offering top shelf liquor, VIP bottle service, music from some of the best local DJs, performers and an overall experience that you can't get elsewhere on Varick Street.

We wanted to spot where everyone can gather that we can control. We have the ability to cater to how diverse of a community Utica is. We needed a place where we could cater to different ethnicities, music, where everyone would want to come and have a good time no matter where you come from.

What's the story behind the name? Amil said he used to visit England a lot. Parliament is the highest legislature, consisting of the sovereign, the House of Lords, and the House of Commons. It's full of some of the most important people. That's how he wants people to feel when they visit, like they're the part of the most elite group of people in Utica.

Different music is the number one thing that the staff at Parliament Nightclub says makes them stand out compared to other bars on the strip.

Our DJs are incredible. They spent hours and hours and hours curating music to cater to how diverse of an area we live in. It's not like other spots that have a DJ come in, you pay them, and they create something on the spot with a certain genre. No. These guys have spent hours making sure the vibe is right.

The lighting in the venue is synced with the music. If the beat drops, the lights follow. If the music cuts off, the lights shut off. Some may say it's similar to Lava Nightclub at Turning Stone Resort Casino in Verona, but Amil says it's even better.

For their grand opening, there is no cover charge. That means you can check it out for yourself. Parliament Nightclub does have "club style" dress code, men are required to wear pants. No hats are allowed.

A well versed team of five night club security guards have been hired to keep guests safe.

You can find out all the information regarding their opening weekend schedule by visiting their Instagram.

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