It's that time of year again at the Utica Zoo! Why listen to "professional sportscasters" tell you what they think, when we can turn to the real experts. The animals!

I mean there's an animal (Eagles) playing in the Superbowl... why wouldn't they know best?

Credit - Utica Zoo via Facebook
Credit - Utica Zoo via Facebook

The first up for this year's predictions is Bea Arthur, the Chilean Degu. Without hesitation, she knew what the right choice was...

Of course... that's just one rodents opinion. The Utica Zoo will be releasing more animal predictions as the week goes on. We will share them here as they come in!

If you remember last year... there were a lot of predictions that went back and forth. The Cotton-Topped Taramins for example were on the fence about their choice, but ended up choosing wrong in the end.

When in doubt, always turn to Poe the Sumatran Chicken. She picked correctly last year, and we placing bets on her pick this year too. Though we are afraid she might have a certain "bird-bias" towards the Eagles.

Here's her pick from 2021.

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We will have to see what the result is for this year's Chiefs vs Eagles matchup on Sunday. Until then, we will keep seeing what our furry experts have to say as we get closer to game-time.

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