If you're home schooling, The Utica Zoo has art class covered. Even if you aren't handling the educational duties, it's a fun evening for the whole family with their Family Monkey Paint Party Friday night, May 22.

Similar to the popular "paint and sip parties," the event has each family member painting a monkey. When finished, the paintings will connect together to create a family of monkey representative of your family. Local artist and owner of BB Designs, Angela Johnson will lead the party with step by step instructions. As a side note, her company organizes paint parties of many varieties.

Utica Zoo Paint Party
provided by Utica Zoo

The paint party will be conducted using zoom and is recommended for age 6 and older. The session will take about an hour to complete. Registration is only $20 per family with the money being used for the animal at the Utica Zoo. You will need supplies here's the suggested list.

  • 8×10 or larger canvas or canvas board per each family member painting
    Small, Medium, Large Brushes
    Paper towel or Rag
    Cup of water
    Paper plate or palette to put paint on
    Acrylic or tempera paint

Recommended paint colors

  • Paint Colors:
    tan (skin tone) dark brown green light brown

Other items you may want to consider are an easel, hair dryer, and smock. More info on the event is available at the Utica Zoo.org and here is where to register.

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