Mark your calendars; Groundhogs Day will be here soon. Instead of relying on a Groundhog from Pennsylvania to predict the weather, we should use our own animal meteorologists from the Utica Zoo.

Utica Zoo Lions

Donovan, Coky, and Murphy all the Kings and Queens of Priderock of the Utica Zoo. They know the ins and outs of Central New York weather after being residents for such a long time. Also, imagine seeing a lion telling you the weather? I'd buy VIP tickets this second.


Utica Zoo Serval

Ammie the Serval calls the Utica Zoo as home. Ammie is a feline, and let's be honest, women know everything. If you add the fact shes a cat to the mix, cats know everything. She doesn't need a shadow to tell you the weather.


Utica Zoo Mexican Wolf

Sierra is Central New York's Mexican Wolf.  There are only about 350 Mexican wolves in the world today. That means, the ones left, are geniuses. You will see Wallstreet's finest consult these beautiful creates for stock tips. We want to consult them on the weather.


Utica Zoo Sulcata Tortoises

Bob, Bart, and Roscoe are the slowest, and coolest, turtles you'd ever meet. These animals are the symbol of longevity, fertility and happiness. What screams happiness more for an animal from South Africa than summer?


Red Panda

Ming Yue and Muse are the red pandas at the Utica Zoo. They may also be the most popular ones in New York. Red pandas spend most of their life in the trees. That means, they see the clouds rolling in, and can predict the weather.....and lottery numbers.


BONUS- Kasane and Rundue the Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra

Both of these zebras are males. A father and son pair. You can always find amazing wisdom from a father figure, and this figure passes down that info to his son....always. Zebras would make great meteorologist because they understand color changes in maps. They are black and white stripes! They see what's right in front of them, and can report on that.


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