Utica is getting shout-outs left and right. Here's another one to add to the list.

USA Today just came out with their latest Top 10 List, this time highlighting all the best places you can go snowshoeing in the United States. Many people might think you can only snowshoe in the woods or in fields, but the list proves there are so many unique places you can try instead.

Couple snowshoeing in the Colorado mountains

The list included a variety of fun places to go, like "in a national park" or "by the sea". But the second unique place to be listed in the story hit close to home.

The Utica Zoo

The zoo made the list under the selection of, believe it or not, "zoos". Not only was the Utica Zoo directly mentioned, but USA Today even included an iconic picture of the zoo's lion laying in the snow as well.

Credit - Utica Zoo via Facebook
Credit - Utica Zoo via Facebook

Central New York is a snowbelt, and the Utica Zoo takes full advantage of its geographic position...

The article continues on to mention how the trail winds around both the Zebra and African Lion habitats. It gives visitors the perfect opportunity to get outside during the winter, while still enjoying everything the Utica Zoo has to offer.

Credit - Utica Zoo via Facebook
Credit - Utica Zoo via Facebook

If you were ever interested in snowshoeing at the Utica Zoo, you can rent your own snowshoes and poles at the zoo for a decent price. Let's just hope more snow falls for you to go!

The only other place in Upstate New York to get mentioned in the article was the Cumming Nature Center at the Rochester Museum and Science Center. How could the Finger Lakes Region not get a mention when it comes to enjoying the beauty of winter outside.

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