During the pandemic, drive-by celebrations became very popular here in Utica, Rome, and the rest of Central New York. For 2021, you can now take these drive-by celebrations to a whole new level thanks to Utica Yard Cards.

Utica Yard Cards have big letters and signs you can rent for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, celebrations, birth announcements, and anything else you can think of.

The big yard signs range in rental price from $60 to $100. Each sign is for a 24 hour rental, but you can extend that rental as you see fit. You can learn more online on their website.

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How To Plan Great Drive By Birthday Parties

Here's some helpful advice on how to throw a great drive-by birthday party from Vispro.net:

1) Send out invites.

Get creative and end invites out online or in the mail. By sending these, you're letting friends and family know the time of the drive by birthday party so that everyone can drive by around the same time.

2) Have a theme.

Even though people are driving by your house rather than staying for a day long party, there can still be a theme.

Include the theme in costumes, balloons, yard signs, and party favors. You can also style your yard letters to suit the party by adding emojis that match the party theme or personalizing a custom message that incorporates the theme."

3) Cake.

Even though people are not stopping their cars and coming inside, you can still set up a table with cake that guests can reach from their cars.


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