Did you know Utica, Rome, and Clinton's Indium Corporation helped build parts that are now on the surface of Mars with the Perseverance rover?

Indium posted the news on Facebook how they are officially out of this world:

From the 1960's through today, Indium Corporation has contributed significantly to the U.S. Space program. Indium Corporation continues to innovate materials science to advance current and future space technologies."

Some quick history, did you know Indium actually played a role in Neil Armstrong's famous first steps on the moon? During the inaugural moonwalk, Indium Corporation’s materials were used to help seal the containers that brought rocks back from the moon’s surface. NASA was very concerned there would be germs, or bacteria from the Moon, that could harm life on Earth. Indium metal was used as the seal on the hand-sealed metal containers that were used to transport rocks to Earth. Indium created a hermetic seal that was activated by hand. By the way, the Apollo astronauts quarantined before it was cool.

Since then, our materials have been used in moon missions, Mars missions, and satellite technology"

Indium also played a role in the Space Shuttle program. Indium was part of zero-gravity metal refining experiments in two separate missions. The goal of these experiments was to determine if weightlessness affects the molecular structure of alloys, as they form.

Currently Indium is playing a role with the Perseverance rover on Mars too. How cool is that?

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