Have you ever heard of the worldwide trend of "Love Locks?" The trend started in Paris France and is traveling the world. It appears it's trying to make a pit stop in Utica, even if some aren't in love with it. 

State Department of Transportation spokesman Jim Piccola spotted these locks back in April according to the Utica OD. On the locks, people write little love notes, or meaningful phrases.

Many cities across the U.S. have begun cutting down the locks. Not because they don't love love, they are removing them due to aesthetic reasons or due to safety concerns. Paris removed 45 tons of locks from a single bridge back in 2015.

Back in April it appeared it wasn't a massive issue from Piccola:

“It’s not harming the bridge,” he said. “I think the community has to take ownership of it.”

Many on Facebook are reporting that the City is removing them. When we find an answer, we will update this article with the rules/law on love locks.



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