Have you noticed an unusual amount of crows in the city of Utica? I live in South Utica, and it seems since around Christmas, there have been thousands of crows every day in my neighborhood.

Every day when I come home from work, it seems the problem is at it's worst. I step out of the car and hear thousands upon thousands of crow calls. I look up to the sky, and see an army of crows flying. I walk to my back door, and startle what seems to be hundreds of crows perched in my pine tree. Once they are scared, so many fly out of the tree that any snow inside the tree instantly falls. I feel like I'm living in a scene from the movie 'Birds'. There are so many crows in the area, and no one seems to be talking about it.

Now, I'm not a bird expert, or anyone qualified to study these type of issues. I'm just calling it based on what I see. I don't work for the DEC, or city of Utica. I'm a media personality and honestly all I can do is base the following off of some online research.

1) Albany Had A Massive Crow Problem In November

Back in November, we reported on Albany's plan to cut down on crows in their city. They were using Pink Floyd style laser lights to cut down on the number of crows. In a way, they were throwing a massive disco party.


2) Utica Is No Stranger To Crow Problems

December 11th 2014, Syracuse.com reported on a similar issues:

The city of Utica has decided to take "proactive," non-lethal measures to address residents' concerns over the large number of crows that come into the city this time of year."

Utica handled the problem then by buying pistols that shoot pyrotechnics, and used laser machines too.


3) Is This Issue Real, Or Am I Just Crazy?

Back in 2014, Utica city officials estimated there were 15,000 crows in the city. That doesn't make me feel I'm wrong in assuming South Utica has been invaded.


4) Do You See It Too?

Do you see the same problem I'm seeing? Show us your pictures, videos, and comments below.



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